Supplying fresh pie experiences.

When you combine a passion for baking with the commercial drive to deliver quality, you’ve got the key ingredients for Dutch Pie Supply. My passion for baking started early with pies baked by my grandmother Stasia, who was very well known cook and chef pastry. Our passion for pies goes back three generations and that is the experience Dutch Pie Supply can deliver also for your brand. Our goal is to make your baking products so about the customer experience, the pies sell themselves. From recipe, packaging and training of the staff, everything is

Dutch Pie Supply delivers the best pie experience for your customers. A fresh scent in the world of baking.

It’s about your customer. Your customers matter to us. A lot. In everything we do for you, we make sure that this is felt by them as well. We make a true effort to understand your customers. It helps us be the best partner for your private label of pastries. Our focus is on excellent product, style and quality. With Dutch Pie Supply you’re a not only buying pies, you’re selling an experience to your customers.

Tone of Voice

Energy, passion and detail...

...that is what drives Justyna and Dutch Pie Suppy. We believe in truly understanding what people look for and deliver on that. Price is important, and can be supplied together with high quality and a unique experience. We start by focusing on your customers and understanding the challenges in your business. By connecting people and companies that understand the importance of quality, the network of Dutch Pie Supply can create a great private pastry label for any retailer. We are more than a supplier of pies – Dutch Pie Supply is your partner in selling more pies to more satisfied customers.

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